Netherlands v England


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5 Dec 2017
I think we will comfortably beat Netherlands by 2 goals.

Have not seen any team news yet, but if they play a lot youngsters, I cannot see them beating us!

Sterling to bag a brace and Kane to come on, score one and claim the hat-trick :LOL:
Suddenly lost a lot of interest and excitement about this game after hearing about the scenes in the fanzone last night - once again shameful scenes off the pitch will overpower anything [positive that goes on on it.
^^^ agree with this. Seems the vermin which attaches itself to our national team have reappeared from whatever rock they slid under when the Russians came knocking. Cowards.
game is live on ITV i believe? .... no need to go 'fishing ' in streams then :sneaky:

To be honest he is right on one thing and that is that most of England travelling support is people who support lower league teams.

That being said he must of missed this:

Don't like to say it but just now Harry Kane reminds me of our former No. 9 Sam
What the hell is our defence playing at? Constantly trying to play from the back but getting closed down and losing the ball. Stones (?) Dilly dallied on the ball with no pressure, but lost it leading to the second Dutch goal.

Choking at a semi final again!
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