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European Championships England v Malta/Macedonia

I suppose the counter to your argument is F1. F1 is now a wildly more lucrative sport than it ever has been in the past, with many more families and women watching than ever before.

You can say with almost 100% certainly, and almost objective authority, that F1 is more boring than it was 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Money and families does not make something interesting.
I understand and accept your viewpoint but people don't watch football, F1, NFL, Basketball or whatever because they find it boring. Everybody has many more choices, they watch because they enjoy it.
It may not be as competitive or enjoyable as we remember it, but to literally billions of people it is entertaining. The sports certainly appeal to a wider audience, it may well be better marketed or suit modern lifestyle or have been made more accessible. But the reality is those sports are more popular worldwide than they were 10,20,30 or 40 years ago.
Whilst us old farts may find them less enjoyable, they have become global successes and the stars are global icons rather than stars of a particular sport.
After watching that really poor performance last night, it is clear to me that England are not a great side. A good side but not great.
To Labour like that to a side of their limited ability is so telling.
Harry Maguire can count himself extremely fortunate not to have conceded a blatant penalty.
That was a game that perhaps we should have lost.
Southgate needs to wake up because we just looked so disjointed last night.
Interesting viewpoint, it is the most watched league on the planet that doesn't really indicate a borefest
Yes but most of the planet is full of morons, who would watch s**t drip down the screen if someone told them it was fashionable.

Plus, the “English” (foreign) premier league is only the most watched league on the planet, because all the other “elite” leagues are even worse and even more boring!

Nowadays it’s just high speed chess with human pieces 😴
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