World Cup WWC semi final Australia V England

Hemp was superb.

The starting 11 from today have to begin the final for me. Lauren James only on the bench.
Agreed. As good as she is, it would be a bit harsh on the others for her to waltz back in for the final.

As an aside, Cowen and RBF are my favourite commentator/pundit combo alongside Tyldesley/McCoist. The passion from them is great.
Can’t stand Cowens commentary. Why does she have to shout?
Can’t stand Cowens commentary. Why does she have to shout?
All commentators shout. They are all annoying. Jonathan Pearce probably the worst. That coupled with the incessant need to fill every second with noise or some irrelevant "fact" does my head in. Who cares if Billy Bigbolox last scored on a Thursday with his left foot after eating sugar puffs for breakfast 9 years ago with all his subsequent goals being scored with his right foot within a 7 foot radius of the opposite goalkeeper's pheromone footprint.
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Well, that's wrong for a start. I've only ever been on here under my name. I genuinely cannot think of anything I've ever posted that I do not believe in. They are my views, some may be a bit outdated but at nearly 60 I'm unlikely to change.

Apologies if you're offended.
I’m older than you bro but I manage to avoid being a dinosaur most of the time, and so does everyone I know of a similar age.
I quite like Robyn Cowen's commentary style.

On Wednesday I was driving while the match was on, so was listening to it on the car radio (5Live). The commentary was, at times, virtually unintelligible, with a combination of far too much crowd noise, poor diction and the commentator/pundit both shouting at once. When the first goal went it, my wife and I both had to listen pretty hard for (what seemed like!) several minutes to actually hear who had scored!
Yeah, England have only gone qualified for a World Cup final, calm down!
My opinion Is based on more than a World Cup semi final. It’s formed on listening to her on match of the day and radio Oxford. Just think she could do with toning it down a touch.
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