World Cup 20/08/2023: Women’s World Cup 2023 FINAL - Spain v England

Four responses and not one from someone telling us how women’s football is rubbish and they’re not interested in it?

Good luck, Lionesses. Bring it home and give the nation a bit of a lift. It won’t be easy though. Spain gave them their most difficult match of the Euros last year.
Looking forward to it, hopefully a great ending to what has been an excellent weekend of football so far with us winning away, Swindon choking, and Oxford City getting their first National League point yesterday.
Win or lose, their achievements over the last couple of years has been incredible. Its a shame that the FA seem to be arguing about any payments that these girls should get if they do win the World Cup, and that these bonus payments are significantly less than anything offered in the men's game. To put it in to perspective, we had players at Oxford that we're set to get bigger bonuses if we'd beaten Wycombe in the playoff final than these girls got for winning the Euros and have been offered for winning the World Cup.

I hope that they absolutely smash it today and they all get the recognition that they deserve, and it gives a further boost to women's football and girls getting in to any sports. They are an inspiration to so many and they stand on the edge of greatness. Bring it home!!
Good luck to Robyn Cowan. It sounds as though her voice has gone already.
Spain look great attacking wise. Very quick.

There’s a hint of vulnerability about their defence though.
Think the England ladies need a rocket up there a**e from the manager at half time ie pass sooner
I have been at a scout camp for the last week and all the talk of football was from the girls. I want the lioness to win but either way this team have achieved a lot with young girls.

A real shame that it hasn’t been recognised by the royal family or the prime minister.
Poor poor showing by both.
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