World Cup 20/08/2023: Women’s World Cup 2023 FINAL - Spain v England

Spanish Government have asked him to resign, he's refused. FIFA have now stepped in and suspended him for 3 months. To be fair FIFA have handled that well - give the Spanish FA a chance to handle appropriately, and given that they haven't - FIFA have decided to step in.
Different cultures and all that.................... which we have to respect don`t we?

If the male team had won the World Cup, would he have kissed Sergio Ramos on the lips? Of course he wouldn't, otherwise he'd get his lights punched out!

I know kissing on the cheeks is a thing on the continent, but not the lips.

If you look at the video it almost looked as he was going to grab her ar$e as well, but later thought better of it. The guy is a complete perv, and really needs to do the right thing and resign.
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All the coaches - except Jorge Vilda, of course - have now resigned.

This is becoming an epic 🍿.
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