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    The player we could do with now is Canice Carroll. I've seen him play centre half and right back. I gather his favourite position was...
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    Personally, and it is only my own personal opinion, I don't think Tiger (a billionaire businessman), is going to show his cards just...
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    Sadly, and I mean this, football has irrevocably changed, so while it's not to my taste, I doubt Man City fans are that bothered about...
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    If we can get a ground sorted I am all for it. We really need to get away from Kassam holding the club to ransom.
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    I for one would welcome some investment, a new ground and Kassam told to f*** right off after years of milking us dry! I would like to...
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    I know what you mean. Unfortunately, beggars can't be choosers - we will have to welcome anyone who shows enough interest to invest. I...
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    Yes, just like the No. 10 to Cowley Centre.
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    You wait 30 years for a billionaire to arrive and invest in the club and then two turn up at once.........
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    I don’t have a problem with the whole sugar daddy thing. If people want to come here and spend vast amounts of wealth in to a football...
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    A brief update for members should now be in your email inboxes. Thabks COYYs
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    I'm not sure there's such a thing as a great draw in the first two rounds of the FA Cup. But that is a bit dull - although I might...
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    I am indeed
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    Highly unlikely! She may run, but there's no way that she'll win the nomination unless the Dems decide to form a circular firing squad...
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    This is the photo generating the interest, and it is not the one on the OUFC twitter feed as referred to in the Oxvox message. Got to...
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    Accompanying article...
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