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World Cup WWC semi final Australia V England

Well, that's wrong for a start. I've only ever been on here under my name. I genuinely cannot think of anything I've ever posted that I do not believe in. They are my views, some may be a bit outdated but at nearly 60 I'm unlikely to change.

Apologies if you're offended.
Noone's offended. Just bored. Amazingly, this thread about the Women's World Cup is for people interested in, um.... the Women's World Cup. After the game I might visit a forum about, say, medieval architecture to let them know I absolutely hate gothic cathedrals then get into an hour long argument about my right to an opinion. See how that goes.
Hell of a strike that. I thought she'd made the wrong decision with shooting - wow, was I wrong.

It goes to show that those Aussie counter attacks can be blistering.
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