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Hi, Maurice,

I hadn't thought about someone selling programmes to raise money for the club--I just didn't want them to go to someone who'd sell them to make some money for themselves! But if that's what they sell them for that's already more than enough for me, and I'll cover the cost of postage in that case. I'll just need an address.


Oh, sorry, Maurice....but going through my messages I found an earlier one from one of the regular posters who actually collects our programmes and mine would add to his collection. So I think that I'll just send them to him.

Best wishes,

Maurice Earp
Hi Jon, Michael is in the process of registering on this Forum and will probably be contacting you. I will let him know, thanks for replying. COYY. Maurice.
I believe KR is one of the best managers we’ve ever had! He really believes in connecting the club to the fans!!!
No Longer Exiled In Swindon
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I hope you observed the 2 week self isolation required when crossing into Oxfordshire via the Wiltshire border.
Lundstrum. Just watching him playing for Sheffield United. I'm thinking thank feck we got shot of him he's absolute shite
Can season ticket holders watch Friday’s game on ifollow as it’s on Sky?
Blatant racism/bigotry...whatever you want to call it.
(post 426 in the Radox 5 minute forum thread).
I've reported a (differrent) regular poster a number of times for bigotry (always aimed at Irish Catholics) and as far as I know, nothing has been done about him/her.
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