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5 Dec 2017
So Boris is about to be PM.

Some climate hippys got onto the Mall to try and block the convoy.
He’s a protester from Wales. I searched today. He’s an infuriating berk.
I notice the BBC kept homing in on the anti brexit protests. I wonder how they manage to get the time off work to do it
Steve Bray....constant pain the a***
Always within visible earshot of any interviews
Jeezus H................. he`s funded by "the public".... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

"In January 2019, Bray moved into a luxury apartment opposite the Westminster home of Conservative Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg. In order to rent the property in Westminster’s Cowley Street for two months, he raised more than £12,000 from the public "......................
No-one would deny he can be a skilled orator.

Hopefully he'll appoint some competent people and just leave them to get on with it.
Well, that was a speech and a half! I sincerely hope that Boris can deliver because that was real old fashioned tub thumping rhetoric.
talks a good job ...always has

as foreign sec he didnt do the woman locked up in the middle east any favours with a typical Johnson gaffe
talks a good job ...always has

as foreign sec he didnt do the woman locked up in the middle east any favours with a typical Johnson gaffe
Let's hope he has learnt from that mistake.

Trouble with the Iranians is they don't care for anyone who isn't one of them unless they are providing them with what they want.
Some serious stuff coming up in the Straits though, so some real diplomacy required.
The bike copper proved what should be done to Extinction Rebellion - don't mither about and give em a good shove and they won't put up a whole of soy resistance to it.

I see the usual lefties have been out protesting near Downing St. Don't they have jobs to go to or a life to live? #sadleftieswithnolife ;)
This one's a bit more sinister.

"The protesters are swiftly manhandled out of the way and Boris Johnson arrives at Buckingham Palace. "

Should have given them a good kicking ..... its the new way. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

The new British patriot's attitude to free speech. The right to peaceful protest was once something the Tory party was proud to say was a 'good thing' about the UK.

The ‘Stop Brexit’ shouty man has become a bit tedious. Never the less, people have been banging on about democracy recently. Isn’t it his democratic right to protest? Or should democratic rights be limited to people you agree with?

It is his right to protest absolutely and I , for one, admire his tenacity & ingenuity. (y)
What a stupid post that is.
It's truth is it not? Protestors who just protest at the drop of a hat just confirming whatever bias they already have and not making things better for all - even the media have largely stopped covering it great detail. Glad they have the right to protest, but it's like listening to a broken record stuck on the same track for 3 years now.
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