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6 Dec 2017
Very difficult match this one. While not exactly free scoring the Tangerines are only behind Pompey and Sunderland in goals conceded. I think a battling 1-0 to the mighty yellows with James Henry continuing his goal scoring form.
They sound pretty long ball and Dickie will have to play well against their man mountain centre forward.
As usual if Browne and Whyte play well we will be difficult to stop.
3-1 win in a bitterly colder than usual breeze block, Ruffles, Whyte & Browne, total attendance of 4890
I`m going............ 1-0 win.............. not sure who too. 500 Tangerines in the away seats... making it festive.
0-0 imo. Keep the unbeaten run going and ill be happy. Blackpool are a decent side
No way the attendance will be that low!

Id like to think it wont be sub 5k, however, its gonna be bitterly cold, (Met forecast for tomorrow afternoon is temperature of 2 degrees, Rain, 20mph wind plus a 'feels like' outside temperature of -5 degrees- making the Breeze block feel even more sub zero morgue like!), and, with a mere 10 days inclusive to go until Christmas day, tomorrow is a Saturday shopping day too, one of the busiest shopping days of the year....both the weather conditions as well as time of year seasonal requirements to be fulfilled, both of which combined are highly likely to have an effect on the attendance

Conversely, the Boxing day home match will, of course, have a larger than 'usual' attendance for a home game against Southend, as by tradition Boxing day home games tend to attract occasionals. Win, or at least not lose, our next 3 games, & that may see the attendance for the home match V Brizzle Rovers a few days after Boxing Day being close to 10k
0-0 imo. Keep the unbeaten run going and ill be happy. Blackpool are a decent side
I refer you to my comment in previous thread - draws are far more valuable than they seem and help keep our heads above water
Those of us who rocked up for the recent unattractive-looking Rochdale match were well-rewarded!
We sure were ...despite the cold! On pitch performance thankfully had enough fire n skill about it to keep the cold from being unbearable :)
Looks like genuinely poxy weather tomorrow. Looking forward to it, first outing of the season for the Russian tank commander's hat and a home win in the teeth of the sleet will be neat.
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