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Last game between the two teams - October 6th 2018.

Southend 0-0 Oxford U - the start of our good run.
Hanson Dickie Nelson Ruffels
Brannagan Mous Henry
Whyte Mackie Browne

Hopefully we're able to keep the same XI but wouldn't be surprised to see Dickie/Ruffels/Mackie rested.

2-1, Brannagan + Henry.
Mcmahon Dickie Nelson Ruffels
Brannagan Mousinho Henry
Whyte Smith Browne

I reckon 2 changes, Mcmahon in as last time we played them Robinson said he wanted height at full back to stop crosses at the back post. Smith in for Mackie just because Mackie has played a lot of games recently.


9300 attendance
I'm attending this one. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I saw us win live.

So I'll go for a 3-1 win.
Milk Cup Scarf out of the wardrobe? Check. Think about Joey Beauchamp song lyrics in case there is a sing song because he must still be playing? Check. Get ready to leave at 2pm because it's only local. Check. Get complaint letter written so I can send it off when I get home. Check. Boxing day at OUFC at it's finest.

For the rest of us. COYY!!
Afternoon folks, everybody sober I hope? Nah, me neither.
Anyway on to today's match. Sarfend arn't a high scoring team at the moment so let's hope that the defence can keep it that way. But at the same time they have a tight defence too. So my forecast is a low scoring game which the mighty yellows will win 1-0.

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