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Matches Pre-Season Friendly vs WBA

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Thank you for the balanced description.
As you say a huge season for McGuane. Can he influence games for 90 minutes and not drift out if games ( especially if we are having a bad patch in a game?). He could be a big bonus this season.
Bodin and Jones are quality and with Browne, ANO, Henry, we should have enough to break down most sides in L1
Yes, if we could add the creativity of Whyte into the mix with the above players, we would create a massive amount of chances for Taylor. Let's hope the big money Striker signing also comes off!!.

McGuane, ooses class, my biggest criticism of him was that he fell over too easily. I've seen all the preseason games except City and so far he has looked extremely strong and his falling over has been a LOT more strategic, i.e. he has actually got fouls for them and not fell in dangerous defensive positions. Not quite as dynamic as Gorrin, but he can't half hold onto the ball, has extremely quick feet and good vision.
Have I missed something re Stevens last night, he had 1 shot to save

the comment of - nothing much new. Didn't do anything for me to improve on existing concerns.....i really don't get
One shot to save? He conceded three goals (albeit one og). He doesn’t inspire confidence in his control of the box generally. I think it’s asking for trouble to have him as the #1.
One shot to save? He conceded three goals (albeit one og). He doesn’t inspire confidence in his control of the box generally. I think it’s asking for trouble to have him as the #1.
do tell which of the 3 he was at fault for?

Goal 1 A class finish

Goal 2 The big lanky fella won a header and striker nodded home from close range

Goal 3 Own Goal
If Jerome Sinclair hadn't come here with his history and was instead a league 2 player who had fallen out of favour at their club and was on trial looking to re-establish themselves in the game, I think people would have viewed his performances in pre-season very differently.

He has looked strong and able to hold the ball up well, and looked reasonably sharp, often without a huge amount of service. I'm not saying that he's anywhere near being ready to start upfront against Derby but I think that he'd be close to getting a contract as cover for an injured Sam Baldock, with the expectation that another striker also comes in.

The bar has been set pretty high for "Most Ridiculous Post of the Summer" but a couple yesterday that Robinson should be sacked if we sign Sinclair are right up there. But the same posters were also dismissing Jodi Jones before he'd kicked a ball and he's looking a real find so maybe that says it all!
I'm going into hiding after saying this but I actually thought Sinclair looked half decent last night... Used his strength to hold up the ball well, didn't look off the pace, and absolutely did not look out of place in a L1 side against Championship opposition. He's nowhere near Matty Taylor quality, but he'd be cheap as hell to sign and has a bigger point to prove than any other player in our squad because it'll be his last chance at a career. IF we sign another striker, Sinclair as a fourth choice/PJT starter on a one year deal doesn't seem too bad, but ONLY if we sign another striker to cover Baldock AND if we have other positions covered without using all our squad places up.

As for the rest of the team, a few players I thought had good games:

Brown - A proper no nonsense defender. I know his signing felt underwhelming at the time due to the lack of any other signings, but for me he is a quality signing who'll really push for a starting 11 spot.

McGuane - While I still hope we bring in a proper CDM, I was shocked just how good McGuane looked there. Looked much closer to the player we saw during his first loan, and I loved how he used the ball from the deeper position. Whilst I know we used a creative midfielder here last season and it didn't work a lot of the time, McGuane is bigger, stronger and faster than Kane (albeit much more limited in passing) and I think with the more regular gametime he should get this season he'll turn into a proper player.

Smyth - Was it a perfect performance? No... But you can see some real talent in there. The cross field pass he pinged to Jones in the first half was sublime. He's still raw, and I think we won't see a lot of him early season, but you can see he has some real talent and I hope he's given a real chance to push for the starting 11 in cup games.

Jones - What a player. If/when we sign him, we'll have the two best, and most fragile wingers in the league in Browne and him. If both stay fit we're in for a real gluttony of goals again this season.

Golding - This kid is SEVENTEEN. WOW. Arguably our brightest youth prospect since Shandon Baptiste, possibly even brighter than him. Is he ready for regular L1 football? Probably not. But all the signs are there of a quality young centre half and I can't wait to see how he does this season, whether that's with us or in the National League. He'll be a starter by 20. He's that good.

Browne - Despite his injury problems this boy looks fit. Last night he only got 45, but he looked quick, strong and powerful. One of his biggest weaknesses with us in the past was not tracking back enough, and yesterday on several occasions he chased down a West Brom player in our half and won the ball back putting us back on the front foot. Like I said earlier, if he stays fit, he's one of the best wingers in the league. And this time he's OUR player.
Dont suppose anyone is aware as to how many tickets we’ve sold for derby away
There is a thread for the Derby Away game at...

The last number on there was 1800 sold (as of a couple of days ago).
Is @Baggie 192 on here tonight? I usually thought their contribution was fairly informative (what I read of it), and would be interested to hear any thoughts. Apologies if that annoys some people, but it's interesting to hear informed views from people who are impartial as far as OUFC are concerned (I think - I may be a bit drunk, so sorry if that's daft).

Hello I got politly asked to eff off awhile ago and the people I talked to weren't posting as much. So, I effed off as I don't troll and i try to avoid flame wars:) . I didn't catch the game and just watched the highlights today. Popped on here to find out who your 17 is (henry) as he impressed so did I think Johns is it? You looked a bit fragile at the back, as, when it cooled we knocked it up a gear and grant did the damage. I would have liked Dike to have scored for confidence but can't have everything
Those highlights make the game seem a lot more one sided that it actually was. Why wasn't Sinclair's shot that hit the post a 'highlight' worth showing? :D

To be fair they are off our site so it we be slanted to us
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