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Who do you want as the next OUFC manager?

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These are quite similar circumstances to when Liam Manning was appointed head coach of MK Dons. MK had a strong squad built by Russell Martin and Luke Williams, but they were poached by Swansea. Manning had coached teams in the USA and Belgium but had no EFL experience. He was brought in as a continuity candidate and very nearly got them promoted in his first season. What happened after that is, I hope, not what will happen to Des, but it did at least bring us to where we are now.
Welcome home Des, The board are doing their best to repair some of the damage that KR left them & got them in to. This is just the start. We now have an articulate, Fresh & modern manager & one who has the club in his heart.

Great Appointment & what a time this season could be to be a yellow.

If the club don’t get someone from Sky to interview him while he flies them around the Oxford sky for half an hour, so that he can point out where he grew up when talking about his early life, the site of the old Manor and then the wind tunnel when talking about his beginnings, and ending with a cheeky fly over the triangle while talking about his hopes for the future, everyone might as well go home.
'Oxford United Masters flying high under Buckingham'
It will likely depend on who it is. Anyone out of contract will be fairly straight forward, but Buckingham or Williams for example would involve compensation payments etc, and maybe for backroom staff too. Unless anyone picks up injuries, we could probably go into the Cheltenham game with the same starting line up as yesterday, so we don't need to rush this.

We need to get this done right, not quick. Although I'm sure we'll have someone in for Cheltenham, even if they're not actively involved in the preparation at that stage.
Nope, in fact I was late with my 19th/20th!
Great news, the last line also promising -
"Des’s coaching team will be confirmed in due course"

Gonna be a big week after he's unveiled tomorrow. Get a good analyst an assistant in before Cheltenham too please!
It appears I am also ITK now, welcome Des we look forward to many successes with you.
Very happy with this! Welcome home Des!

Also very pleased to see he’s signed a long term contract, very important.

Well done to the board for acting quickly, and making this happen 👏👏

Onwards and upwards now!

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