General Greatest Ever OUFC Player

Most Standout Player of Their Generation (3 Votes)

  • Cameron Brannagan

  • James Constable

  • Jim Magilton

  • Joey Beauchamp

  • John Aldridge

  • John Lundstrum

  • Kemar Roofe

  • Matt Elliott

  • Paul Simpson

  • Trevor Hebbard

  • Graham Atkinson

  • Ray Houghton

  • Ron Atkinson

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Steve Gilbert

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11 Feb 2021
I got asked today by an Everton fan who we see as our greatest all time player.

It is obviously subjective to the era they played but who would people say is our out and out all time great?

In my time supporting the club it would have to be Joey but you obviously have the players in the 80’s.

He thought it would be John Aldridge but I’d maybe put Ray Houghton above him.
John Aldridge oozed class,
Ray Houghton and Trevor Hebberd have to be joking second.
A very underrated player was Matty Elliott. Very gifted, and got goals too, many from corners
When I first saw Bobby Ford play, I thought he would be our greatest. He didn’t quite make it.
I didn’t see Aldridge or Hebberd play live, so I’m not qualified to comment.
From those I can comment on, it has to be Joey - followed by Magilton and Elliott.
I think if longevity with the club has an impact on this (and it probably should), then it's hard to look past Joey. But then again, Trevor Hebberd. Between those two for me.
I don't think it's possible to give a greatest of all time because the game involves and circumstances change. In my lifetime I would say that the best players of any given era were;

Trevor Hebbard
John Aldridge
Paul Simpson
Jim Magilton
Joey Beauchamp
Matt Elliott
James Constable
John Lundstrum
Kemar Roofe
Cameron Brannagan
Apart from Mark Wright (who I played against, but never saw play for us), there are only two OUFC players I've seen who could have played for England. Joey. And Trevor Hebberd. If you've never seen Hebberd play, you've no idea how good he was. He would be up against established England midfield players in the (old) Division One, and he would frequently run the whole game.
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