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Ex Player Best Ever Foreign Player

Neither of these can stake a claim for the best. But all memorable.

Cominelli was one of the Argentines that played the most under Diaz. Seem to remember that he'd go in 2 footed all the time!

Andre Arendse deserves a mention! Politest keeper were ever had. Waved at every ball that went into the area. Pretty famous guy in South Africa and played at the World Cup I think.

Hubert Busby Junior...!
Surely the 2 footed challenges were Mateo Corbo (from Uruguay).
Corbo had the fine record of 13 appearances, 9 yellow cards and one red.

Cominelli did manage 5 yellows in 16 appearances though.
I absolutely loved Corbo. I remember seeing him play at Kidderminster and as we took a corner he let out a full blown "spit" into the Kiddie centre half face and then pleaded innocence. Happy Days ...
Toni Martinez for me, with the caveat I'm not old enough to remember Ceri Evans or fully appreciate Corbo at the time.
Dave Langham. He came in crocked, played through pain and is now registered disabled. i loved watching him tear down the line, with his socks down round his ankles and his thou shalt not pass attitude, he was one of the reasons we rose thru the 3rd and 2nd divisions as champions and reached the 1st division. Pure class.
Kristaps Grebis must be in with a shout.

He's the only one who has a whole wing of the club museum dedicated to him.
We had some french centre half who was pinging wicked passes but got injured after a few months and was never seen again. Anybody remember him?
Ha, I bet he’s very modest too, and has a super fit wife!

He must be within a shout of being best foreign player. Not sure Martinez was here long enough to qualify.
I met Ceri Evans a couple of times. Very nice bloke. Combined being a pro footballer with finishing off his PhD, as you do. I also met his University PhD supervisor, who told me he was an ‘outstanding‘ student. And he was apparently an excellent cricketer, but couldn’t find the time to play first class. Oh well. Football-wise, he was a very decent Division Two (now Championship) centre half. Good in the air and tough. He’s my second favourite foreign player. Number one has to be Matteo Corbo. He was obviously good, but appeared borderline mad. I once saw him shoulder charge a winger into the hoardings. And at number three, another left back Ricardinho. The only player of any note found by Clotet on his Eurotrash Scouting Tour.
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