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Predictions for the season


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12 Dec 2017
So, pre-season done. A slow burner but the last week has certainly brought it to life and showed signs we will at least be competitive.

What are peoples predictions for the season?

Personally, i reckon around 14th. Think we will have a tough start to the season, though not as bad as last year. The huge gap up front still really concerns me, coupled with lack of Pace and goal threat from Browne and Whyte.

This prediction could change with a couple more signings, but theres some incredibly strong teams this year.

Welcome your thoughts.
correct me if I'm wrong but think there's several teams that have had a huge turnover of players so may take time to get sorted.
if we get a good start and bit of momentum (which is possible on the back of a strong finish to last season) then I reckon a bettering of our previous, so saying 9th - 11th
obviously would like autos or play offs and may even be achievable with additional players,
either way I'll be 100% behind the boys
I was quite pessimistic on the back of going to quite a lot of the pre season games. But on reflection of the current squad and what’s out there I’m not too concerned about relegation. I personally think this season the league is a lot weaker than last year. You have bury and Bolton, pour souls and other small budgeted teams such as accy, Wimbledon, Rochdale , Southend and Wycombe towards the bottom. I think our squad has got real quality throughout, apart from the elusive striking partnership we are still missing. If we get in two strikers I think we could potentially push for the playoffs. However a more realistic view is a similar position to where we ended up last year, slightly higher.
My post (multiple) klaxon feeling this week be like:

But squad depth of quality remains a concern outside the middle of the park & wide on the wings.

I still expect additions before the window slams shut so reserve full judgement until then...

Hoping for easy-on-the-eye attack minded football, a decent cup run and a solid top-10 finish whilst dreaming of sneaking into the playoffs.

If going into the final 2-3 games we have a reasonable mathematical chance of getting into the playoffs I’ll generally be happy, keeps things interesting, shows you’ve had a decent season and makes the final run in a bit exciting
Poor start but a wow wow wow signing just before the window closes propels us into the top half by Christmas. Sadly we end up on the wrong end of the January window and fizzle out but avoid relegation. PS my predictions are pretty much always rubbish. PPS Tiger buys a dog to run on the pitch to please Amersham Dave.
If we're in or around the top 10 and throw in a bit of a cup run as well and it will be a good season.

I'm looking forward to how some of the players develop including Baptiste, Sykes, Moore etc.
Previews of OUFC in League 1 2019-2020 from various sources.
Just had a quick Google what the pundits say about OUFC.
Answer : not a lot!

The Guardian
Relegation candidates
Wycombe, Southend, Rochdale and Oxford look worryingly light in key areas.

Sky Sports
We're not even mentioned. Call that a preview Sky?

18Dapper (YouTube vlogger)
10h place. Says that Nelson will be missed. Fosu a very good signing

Sporting Life.
Not mentioned here either. But they are a lovechild of Sky.

Oxford Mail.
No forecast position except higher that 7 days ago, which was 13th! Cowards!

Finish 11th.
"Oxford possess one of the best midfields in League One." Wow!
"If Robinson can add a proven goalscorer and a dominant centre-back partner for Rob Dickie to replace Curtis Nelson, then a Play-Off push could be on – but bringing in the required calibre of players will not be easy."

Verdict: Bottom half!

Not mentioned.

Derby Telegraph
"The minimum supporters will want is to avoid a repeat of last season: keep clear of the relegation battle and stay out of financial trouble."

Anybody found any more?
Prediction from our hosts tomorrow, they say 15th on Rokerreport.

"As shown in their performances against us last season, Oxford United are a tidy little team that can cause almost any team issues with their attacking prowess."

And from the Telegraph:

Oxford United:
Selling talent such as Curtis Nelson and Gavin Whyte was far from ideal for Oxford, who urgently require firepower up front.

Verdict: Bottom half
You can have mine, 12th again after a slow start we pick up, have a crap Xmas and new year then finish the season like a train, so same as last year.

That’s unless the gamble on a forward comes off (given how much league one forwards now cost we have to gamble) in which case a play off push but we miss out on the last day and sell the goal scoring forward for £4 million.
I think Aug and Sept will be tricky months while all the new signings settle in, but if we can keep within touching distance of the early pace setters, and don't get any serious injuries during that time, then I reckon we'll be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.
Between 10th and 12th...some ups, some downs, little relegation stress but also never really endangering the playoffs.
Not what we should be aiming for, nonetheless.

Looking forward to seeing the development of our key young assets this year, and some movement on the stadium. This and maybe a cheeky couple of big games in the cups and I'd be happy enough.
Not the Top 20 podcast have us 17th, although that was recorded before our signing spree earlier this week.
Not the Top 20 podcast have us 17th, although that was recorded before our signing spree earlier this week.

Yes, most of what I found seems to have been written before we went to the superdupermarket.
Its going to be on interesting season.

The predictions putting us as being light in key areas and finishing the the bottom half were made prior to the new arrrivals this week - and we've hopefully at least 3 more to come.

Thorne and three more with pace would make us very competitive. We've only two in on loan, so far, so plenty of options.

I see us battling in the top half.
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