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Predictions for season end position


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10 Dec 2017
First season I saw the U's play , was the first full season after changing name from Headington United to Oxford United ( 'City were the main , and bloody awkward about it too, objectors to the name change)... that was the last season in the (old) Southern league- then elected to FL replacing Accrington Stanley who folded midway through the previous season... under Arthur Turner as manager & Big Ron (The Tank) Atkinson as captain, 6 seasons later OUFC were plying their trade in old division 2 (now the championship)..... after a number of seasons at that level the U's were relegated on the last game of the season (away to Leyton Orient!)...... very late 70s/early 80s under Jim Smith, the U's won old division 3 (league1), old division 2 (championship) in consecutive seasons to reach old Division 1 ( Premier league) where we had a Wembley cup final win, and stayed there for 3 seasons .... then the U's were in division 2 (championship) for a few seasons before the downwards slide to non league happened.... I really do hope this season isn't 'written off. as I still fancy the U's to get back to (IMO) our natural level when this campaign starts up again
I’ve supported Oxford since 1966. Six promotions, six relegations, starting from the old Division 3. So i suppose we are now due a .....


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24 Dec 2017
For me on a selfish point I would like us to get promotion purely because in all the years I’ve supported oufc I can’t remember us playing in the championship BUT I do agree with what your saying about tickets and the damage that could happen if we signed players on silly contracts but like many say I just want to see us playing again
If we do get the chance to complete the season (I have my doubts) then we must take the opportunity to do so as I've said many times before you cannot just engineer a promotion when you think it suits. Look at Leeds...every year for the last god knows when they've tried this ol' trick and it's blown them away every f*cking year but it's carded for them this year- or is it?

I'll take a couple of seasons of a 'chrissy chip on the shoulder wilder' having a right good go at it and see where the hell that takes us. What's not to like as promotion would take us a notch further away from the circus girls from down the crap end of the A420 and levels us up to put the ol' biscuit barrels once again in their place.

Regarding the salaries of a promoted team - it may well be that we could emulate and take a yellow feather or two out of the canaries of ' live from the television studios of East Anglia' (ol' geezer's trip down memory lane) idea of writing into the players contracts that if the club get relegated back - then the players salaries would take a step back again. Simple.

I'm absolutely sure that there would be plenty of players out there that would be only too happy to take a punt on this. Let's face it most of the current squad are probably already on a not too bad deal tbf.

However, if we touch wood get some miraculous chink of light in the next few weeks/months and we can bring this disease to some sort of halt then maybe the dream might be on again...but somehow to me it seems too much of a Jamie mackstar long shot.

However, to try and lift a little gloom let's look at some simple away from home football mathematical equations. Lge 1 matches next season consisting of Rochdale v Oxford or away at QPR v Oxford in the championship? Burton Albion v Oxford or away at Fulham v Oxford? Shrewsbury v Oxford or slumming it at Nottm Forest v Oxford? I could go on and on.

But back to today - my fingers and toes are crossed for everyone who is suffering - be it poorly with the virus down to fellow supporters whose income, jobs and businesses have been decimated. My small irrelevant business has been slaughtered in just 72 hours.

Not easy to say I know - but stay safe.


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