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Last Fan's view of 2017/18

Paul, I have greatly appreciated, each and every report but esp this one. I think, you have made, some very good points, esp reference safe standing and the flare incident. I am impressed with your extensive knowledge of our beautiful game so I would like to know how you think England will go in the WC and your top tips for the cup.

I look forward to your thoughts, in due course.
Excellent read as usual.

Thanks for all your efforts this season Paul
As we’ve seen from the sun journo writing that Ledson was sitting in with the Oxford fans, it’s always better to read a report from someone who been to the game, I always enjoy your FVs, looking forward to next seasons.
Cheers Paul, an excellent report (as they always are) and some forceful opinions that I'm sure most of us will agree with.

Glad to hear you're going to continue next season, you've become a bit of an institution, and the post match experience would be all the poorer without your Fan's Views.
Thanks Paul, always a well written and interesting read.

Your time and effort is really appreciated and I'm delighted you're continuing next season, keep up the good work.
Thanks Paul for your work throughout the season.

I'll have a word with Lizzy about an OBE (Oxford's Best Editor).
Everyone appreciates your posts Paul &, like you, I am really looking forwards to next season. Have a good summer!
Thank you Paul, I really enjoy your FB best link on the forum, takes time and effort and it's much appreciated my myself and many others. Have a good summer.
Great read as ever Mr B! Our paths may have crossed in the Leopard in Donny looking at the pictures.... hmmmm
Cheers, Paul, from an exile for another great season of match reports.

Living ~4000 miles away, I only made it to one game this season (Charlton away. I made a good choice) so your match reports are the best way to get a feel for the atmosphere around the club......
Thanks for all your efforts this season. I mostly agreed with your observations about the games that I attended and so was happy to accept your views on the ones that I didn't. You really do have a talent for this reporting lark! Enjoy your summer
Thanks Paul brilliant effort enjoy the summer and the wc!
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