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FA ponder World Cup bid

Big Ronaldo

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16 Dec 2017
So, England are considering tabling a bid for the 2030 World Cup.
After the complete embarrassment of our last attempt, I have serious reservations about us doing this.
I am not convinced by FIFA at all, and I still feel that it is an inherently corrupt organisation. A Self-serving mafia of slush money despite the changes that they say they have put in place to try to stamp it out.
To throw our cap in the ring with these people is, I feel, unwise at this time.
Despite the great success of Russia 2018, and the thought of how great it would be to bring the World Cup to these shores, I don’t feel that we should be entertaining FIFA’s financial chicanery at this point.
Who knows where the game will be by then, international football is already well down the pecking order and could be an Elite European Super League by then...If Qatar can get hold of it then who knows how wide the net will be cast as the powers that be seek to line their pockets.

Never know what's wrong with the winners hosting the next one but if they've had it in past 20 years the runners up 3rd 4th highest ranked thereafter.
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