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15 Dec 2017
If it ever comes to Oxford i will give up going.
I don't care if the decision is right,
I don't care if a penalty is rightly overuled because the player dived.
And most of all i don't give a f**k if it works at Rugby.
Football is all about the moment,the goal.
Not waiting for some bloke to tell you it's a goal.
Your team is on top,the pressure is building,the crowd are in full voice,hang on lets stop play for 2 minutes to see if that was a foul in the box.
Nope wasn't a foul,lets start again,crowd has gone silent wondering what the f**k is going on,pressure has been relieved,game has gone flat.
If thats good for the game,call me Johan because i'm a Dutchman._99779197_var_dannybaker_twitter.jpg
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