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Driving along and someone coming in the opposite direction wants to turn left, why the hell do they deem it necessary to swing onto my side of the road to to do this? Just turn left you bellends!


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People who come on here and criticise immigrants, accuse people of being chavs and not paying their taxes, go on and then boast about stealing content with their 'dodgy boxes'.


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Schoolchildren cycling 3 abreast.

What! Children don't cycle in the UK. Come and try Holland, 3 or 4 abreast AND no lights on in the dark. Amd motorists are ALWAYS at fault if they hit one of these invisible, moving, road barriers.
People who press the button on pedestrian crossings when there isn’t a car coming for miles. Then walk across an empty road leaving a queue of cars at a red light minutes later.

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Whilst out walking after a knee op and needing to use two walking poles to aid my recovery and some comedian says “forgot your skis then”


Washing the car outside our house and another comedian (possibly the same one) comes along and says “you can do mine too if you like”


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Football commentators who say someone “went to ground” when they fell over or dived. Going to ground means something completely different.


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People who don’t have their Oyster card ready when they get to the ticket barrier on the London Underground.

Photo-obsessed tourists (actually look at the thing you’re taking a photo of rather than through a screen – the real thing is much better than the series of pixels you’ll post on Instagram).

People who don’t make an effort to recycle.

Award ceremonies and all the ‘glitz’ and ‘glamour’ that goes with those phony events.

The price of going to the cinema.
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