General Season Ticket Holders - Welcome Pack


Mine was signed by Tim Williams so he thanked me for my support, but wasn’t able to declare how long my season ticket was contracted for.
The best bit about the letter from TW is that someone forgot to take one of his notes out before sending it to print, so when it says he’s looking forward to seeing us soon it also says “(not if I can f**king help it!)”
I especially liked the packet of wildflower seeds and the square of toilet paper.
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Do NOT dispose of the key in your welcome pack.
One lucky supporter will unlock the entrance to our new stadium.
Probably at a special fans preview in July 2026 😊😊
Just received mine and my lads and my lad was happy will open mine when get back from work 😀 🙌 👍
At least we will now know who the season ticket holders are at home games wearing their “one off” season ticket scarfs and who are the part timers.........!
Obviously only season ticket holders are real fans...... 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Well pleased with mine. Nice to get a scarf when it’s 30 degrees out there. 🥵🥵
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