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General Season Ticket 2020

How tight do you have to be to have contacted the club over the missing Bury game? It’s one match that was out of their control, you have already spent the money just let it go.

I am tight but even I draw the line here, I make the family sit in the dark with the heating off in winter like any normal bloke but if you asked for your money back here you are an embarrassment.
Nice gesture by the club but I personally feel they shouldn’t have to do this and if they ( the club ) feel it’s the right thing to do then I would prefer them to give it to charity of their choosing or give it to a support group that are trying to help Bury fc.
Fair play to the club, but I would be amazed (and disappointed) if anyone took up this offer.

The money has already been spent. I will always end up having to miss a few home games per season anyway, but It doesn't stop me buying a season ticket.

I appreciate that money is tight but for just £1 p/m, I hope people just let it go.
Rather than turning it down, if you are eligible for the refund next season why not take it but then spend the money saved on a ticket to bring a friend or family member along for a game who wouldn't have otherwise come? The club still get the money, the attendance and therefore the players are boosted for that game plus the individual in question might catch the bug and come along again. Everybody wins...
I won't be taking up the discount offer, I'm amazed they have had supporters asking! The idea above of using the money to bring someone new along is a good one, I've been bringing my father in law along to all of the league cup games so far (hopefully there will be more!) so he may well want to come along more often, he has been enjoying how well we have been playing over the last few months.
Players wages still have to be paid even though the Bury game is off. Anyone accepting money back is mean. Give it up!
You've got to be a certain type of person to ask for a refund on this. I'm a ST holder and only been to 1 home game this season. Don't see me complaining...
Nice gesture by the club. Shouldn't be needed though. Bury being wound up is not the fault of our club. No discounts mean more money for the club.
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