General Season Ticket Holders - Welcome Pack

What is the key about? Or is it meant to be a blank that can be cut for a front door etc?
Spoilers please! Some us don't receive our post until mid-afternoon at the earliest.
What is the key about?
They’re all blank apart from one, which will grant the lucky recipient access to the mythical executive washroom.

It contains the Karl Robinson memorial padel court, where you can play the world’s most popular sport with Grant Ferguson and Tim Williams to your heart’s content, providing you don’t touch them or ask them any questions.
just had mine delivered by postie - 23/24 season scarf, keyring and yellow logo'd key*

nice touch - like others I wonder what the key opens? ( maybe the berlin wall steel fence when its closed perchance?)

*sorry for the spoiler @MJB
Got 3 arrive in post this morning. No idea what's in it though as not at home
The key is for the new homes that are being built in Kidlington, one for each season ticket holder, it will enable us all to walk to the games after parking outside of our own houses, solving any parking and green issues in one go.
And we can s**t in each others’ front gardens. The club’s thought of everything.
That could be the forum punishment, the season tickets holder all gather at your house and have a syncronised sh*tting session on your lawn.
Just got mine - very good from the club. Like that scarf too - very stretchy! And not just a load of old stock they couldn't shift either, so pleasing to see they are investing in things to show fans are appreciated.

My six year old will open hers when she gets home from school later - I really hope the kids' post also includes a corporate letter from Tim Williams too!
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