New Appleton Interview & Podcast from Not The Top 20

Just seen that the "Not The Top 20" Podcast have just released which has an hour long interview with MApp. One of the hosts is an Oxford fan so fair to assume that there is a fair bit of chat about his time with us. Should be an interesting listen. Links below.

I've been waiting on this, having known an interview was being done by these lads.


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He also said that getting the right club was more important than the level.

It was a really good interview, particularly listening to it as an Oxford supporter. Wherever he ends up, they will have themselves a great coach/manager.
And for those who want him back at Oxford, he intends to manage in the CHAMPIONSHIP.
Not strictly accurate.

He said he would like to manage in the championship to put a few ghosts to bed but was not obsessed about it.

He said it was more important to choose the club rather than the level.

If only he had stayed he might well have had his opportunity to put those ghosts to bed.

Such a shame circumstances meant otherwise.

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