This is my voice. Michael Appleton


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23 Dec 2017
Saw another interview when he talked about making sure (after pompey and Blackburn) he did due diligence on a club - because he got a roasting down the phone from Sir Alex Ferguson no less..good number to call for advice!


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7 Dec 2017
Neat site. I'd not come across it before and you do get a different perspective from a manager/coach's monologue on things.

Interestingly, there is another write up on there from someone who shall we say didn't quite do as well as MApp ...

EDIT. Posted that before finishing reading it. It makes you realise that Pep is far from stupid – he’s clearly a bright bloke, interested in learning more and works well with Garry Monk. The difference I spotted between the two is in acknowledging their own managerial faults. MApp tackles them head on – he admits the error in going to Blackburn and reveals that he bought into DE’s plan but needed to speed it up with players without a losing mentality. Pep, however, fails to reveal whether he had any managerial faults stating that the owners were looking for a ‘different’ path. Considering, he’s been sacked a minimum of four times and he conspicuously doesn’t mention these, can it really be that owners are looking for a different direction each time or is it that he hasn’t understood his own shortcomings?

I think therein lies the difference between the two. MApp has evolved from coach to manager, Pep hasn’t.
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Matt D

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26 Dec 2017
'this is my voice'?

'this is my pitch for my next job' more like...

MC Yellow

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17 Dec 2017
Now he is a legend... god help the melt down by some on here if he ever goes to Swindon ?
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