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General Open Letter From Michael Appleton

I'm a big fan of the big man, sure everyone in the game wishes him well. So unfortunate considering how his playing career ended as well.
I wish him the very best in his recovery. A terrific manager for us and someone who people just seem to respect. I've never heard a bad word said about him from Oxford fans and that says it all when you consider he's now managing a rival team in the same division. Get well soon !
All the best Mapp, fingers crossed its as routine as you make it sound.
Wishing him a speedy recovery, and nothing but the best for the future. A terrific man, and manager.
Best of luck Mapp.

Few who have left the club command as much respect as you still do and there are good reasons for that.
Best wishes from me and all Oxford fans who thought the world of him when he was our manager.
Hope you’re back in the dugout very soon
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