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CWC- England v Pakistan


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7 Dec 2017
Mmm not going quite to plan.
Pakistan 235 for 3 with 12 overs remaining.
England have fielded and bowled nowhere near as well as they did v South Africa.
This could be a good game and Pakistan looking to get well over 300 on a really good batting pitch.
Having a windscreen replacement (damn stone chip cracked in 4 directions) so cant keep an eye n ear on todays wc england match until windscreen done ....looks as if pakistan have recovered a bit of form ....and eng have lost a bit ...so far?
Indifferent from England today. Roy dropped an easy chance and the bowling has either been good or bad - like the fielding. The wicket looks good and PAK only have 4 bowlers, relying on 2 part time spinners. All to play for here.
Windscreen replaced ....30 min for it to be ok to drive....then i can catch up with the cricket
England look like they need to calm down. Has got a little frenetic in the past few overs.
England are going to bat far better than they have fielded.
Well over 300 with4 overs left.
4 overthrow in the last over was very poor.
That looked like a bit of a horror show really. Poor bowling, bad catching and worse fielding. Up to the batsmen to try and put it right, but a huge wake-up call (especially given Pakistan's performance the other say).
Sub par by England’s standards. I hope they don’t take their bowling and fielding performance into their batting although I fear it may be nagging at each of them.

This is going to be a decent test of them.
Roy out early to leg spinner and ridiculous review lost.
Good challenge for England today.
60-2 ....Bairstow gone ..... need to start batting properly!
Scoring looks fairly easy but Pakistan are bowling some excellent deliveries and with good fielding we would be in deep trouble.
Stokes out.
England in deep trouble. Need a Buttler century or we could heavily lose this
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