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CWC 19 : England V New Zealand CWC Final


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6 Dec 2017
10.30 am today .... Hoping England can go on to win this match
It was good to see England buck the trend for the winning team batting first against the Aussies, which takes some of the pressure off the toss. We need to have belief in being better in every department and making the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Archer and Woakes can do early damage, and Plunkett has been strong in the middle overs. We just need to ensure that Woods, Stokes and Rashid don't leak too many runs and keep the pressure on.

Taylor, Guptill and Wilkinson are all dangerous, but early wickets and tight lines will put them under pressure.

Our batting should scare every team in the world, and Roy and Bairstow have been killing teams off in the first 15 overs. But the problem will come if we lose early wickets. We are at our best when we take it too the opposition but have plenty from the top 6 or 7 to score heavily without taking unnecessary risks. Scores around 320 are often more than enough, we don't have to throw wickets away looking for 400 or bust.

Think we'll have enough, and will handle the pressure to win at a bit of a canter. But this is England and we never do things the easy way so who knows!!
Just travelled through the Marylebone area. Loads of MCC members, England, NZ and general cricket fans. It’s utterly depressed me that I don’t have a ticket!

Nevertheless, this is it. It’s what the last four years of changing England’s DNA (to steal a MApp phrase) has been all about. Can they do it? I sincerely hope so.
Slight delay due to a shower of rain at Lords

10.15 am Toss

10.45am start of play
England could blow NZ away but you just never know.
It sounds like the wicket is a little green and it could be a bowl first. If NZ win the toss we have to be very careful that Boult doesn't get a couple of quick wickets.
3 finals before today with 3 losses. Time England win the World Cup.
both teams unchanged from their respective Semi Final wins
Sky have really for for it in their coverage today.
Surprised that Botham is in Spain and hasn't come back to watch the game
Good toss to lose. Now let’s skittle em out for less than 250 ?
My first thoughts too!

Because of the trend for the team batting first winning, it would have been a huge call to put the opposition in. But the first hour should be great conditions, particularly for Woakes and Wood. Reckon 30/2 after 10 will be a decent start.
2 'nearly but not quites' in the first 3 overs.... cant criticise NZ for reviewing the 'out'.... C'mon England
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