CWC 19 : England V Australia


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6 Dec 2017
Scheduled for a 10.30 start, though if the weather at Lords is similar to how it is currently in OX3 there may be a delayed start .... todays CWC match may not take place at all.... if there is any play today, the 2 sandpaper cheats, Smith & Warner will be facing England for the first time since their ban, presumably theyll both be in for a hard time from England's barmy army ?
It has the potential to be a fascinating game, a taster for later in the summer. I suspect the weather will clear up, but it will be a case of waiting for the pitch to dry.

In some respects, a no result would suit England today, but I'd rather beat them on the pitch and get into their batting line up.
England won the toss ...and opted to bowl

hope Archer is bang on target from the start
Definitely a good toss to win. Let’s hope we can make the best of the bowler-friendly conditions
Definitely a good toss to win. Let’s hope we can make the best of the bowler-friendly conditions
wicket is a bit on the green side... good for pace, swing & seam, maybe not as accommodating for spin?
Stats fact .... |England have played Aussies 7 times in the world cup .... head to head in Aus 5 wins England 2 wins fingers crossed itll be 3 England win after todays match
England have had no luck.
Very good start for the Aussis though.
I've just realised that Nathan Lyon is starting for them.
We never seem to do well against him ....
Good move by Aus I reckon
50-0 after 12 overs.... couple of quite wickets would be ideal ... c'mon England
England luckless so far. A series of plays and misses (to admittedly good deliveries) from the openers.

Frustrating to listen to.
England bowling attack need to collectively have a rethink ... short ball approach isnt working, Aussie batsmen thriving on the short ball deliveries
Stokes into the bowling attack ... & hopefully a change in England's fortunes?
Frustrating so far. There were a few 'nearly' moments earlier on, but if things keep on like this our batsmen are going to be under huge pressure right from the off.
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