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CWC 19 England v Sri Lanka

Gary Baldi

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6 Dec 2017
Big games today, the last one before the really hard games start. Will England make any changes?

Will Sri Lankas bowlers had a nice swim to rest?

Come on England!
A game we should be winning,there middle order hasn't fired yet,get couple early wickets we'll be fine.
Well we lost the toss and they are batting. It looks like cracking day and wicket.
We really should win this comfortably and need to with the next 3 games coming up.
Superb start from the bowlers, but it needs to be backed up with improved fielding. That’s the one negative in this team so far. The batting and bowling takes care of itself.
Fernando looks a very good player.

Archer/ Woakes v Finch/ Warner
Cummins/ Starc v Roy / Bairstow

Could be a little tasty in.the Aussi game
Mendis gone for 49 in the 30th over SL 133-4 with 20.2 overs left
Just need squeeze them with a good line and length, and chase down a reasonable target. It’s a good opportunity to get another two points on the board.
and the other Mendis goes first ball bowled and caught by Rashid ... 133-5
Rashid seems to go for a lot of runs, but what he does do is he takes wickets.
Rashid seems to go for a lot of runs, but what he does do is he takes wickets.

Seems to be doing well on the economy rate today at least but he does seem to used as an attacking option by England whilst Moeen seems to be used as an defensive/pressure building option.
A pretty solid performance by England so far. I'd doubt whether SL will get to 240 - as soon as they try to accelerate they'll lose wickets.
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