CWC 19 : England V Australia

I don't honestly think we will win either of those games on current form.
I agree, all the other big teams have bowlers who can dismiss teams, we struggle to bowl teams out, even Afghanistan batted 50 overs against us, I know it was our batsmen today that failed I’ve thought it was the bowling unit that was our weak link.
This is a flawed Australian side (some really good players, no doubt but like India, their middle order is dodgy and they've failed to push on to big totals several times after great starts) but they were still way better than us today. We seem to have peaked two weeks before the tournament and are now deeply on the skids.

Pakistan vs. New Zealand is big tomorrow. If Pakistan win, then England are in big danger of failing to make the semis.
Moeen is a sad shade of the player he was a year ago and as said, we've lost when Plunkett hasn't been in the team. I don't trust Moeen with the bat any more while his bowling is ok - has he hit a permanent downturn in his career? Does Dawson offer more or just more of the same?

I'd send Vince on a one way trip to the Falkland Islands, on a paddle steamer. Farbrace thinks he is "one innings" away, but that has been the case for his entire career.

England really need to work on their body language and mindset. They are in a Bayliss funk when the team doesn't know how to hold a bat. The only comfort is they usually bounce back when they get a proper slagging off.

Apart from Ben Stokes. Been the ultimate committed player for the past 2 games. largely let down by the idiots around him. Smart and calm cricket from him.
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