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CWC 19 West Indies V Bangladesh


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6 Dec 2017
Gayle went for a duck

Windies 21-1 after 7 overs

grey n overcast in Somerset
The loser is out and winner will gave an outside chance.
Is anybody going to challenge the Top 4 teams? A shame if not as there are still a lot of games to go.
that has got to be the slowest scoring power play ever?

42-1 after 11 overs
Bangladesh could do with another wicket or two pretty sharpish. WI started very slowly, but are gathering momentum.
Interesting that 9 out of 16 teams that have been put in first have won.
122-2 now. Lewis out, but a good platform for the WI middle order to accelerate.
243-5 now. Russell out now. The Windies need Hope to get a ton here
Over 300 with a couple of overs left. If Bangladesh get a decent start, it could be quite a competitive game, but you'd rather be the Windies at this point...
321 (or so). My money's on it could go either way. Windies bowling's weaker without Brathwaite.
decentish day at the Cricket in Taunton, with me Dad, so far

Hoping Bangladesh make a good contest of it ... though I am looking forward to watching the Windies pace attack
38-0 after 6 overs

... 5th over was a better one for Bangladesh scoring 18 off Cotterell
Decent bowling from Russell - his first over in this match

41-0 after 7 overs
Somyah took the opening partnership up to 50... then gloved it

Windies needed a breakthrough!

56-1 after 9 overs
Bangladesh run rate superior to Windies innings at the same stage 108-1 after 15 overs

Shakib had a great reception for achieving his 6000th odi run
quite exciting this is ! .... Bangladesh lost 2 quick wickets , 141-3 after 21 overs
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