CWC 19: Afghanistan V West Indies


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6 Dec 2017
neither can qualify for semi finals ...10.30 am start
Would love to see Afghanistan win a match, they have played really well, but a bit naively in the crucial moments. A bright future for them I think.
A repeat of the ‘final’ for the World Cup qualification where both sides went through (Afghanistan won that). Both of these teams were the last to qualify for the tournament proper and it’s reflected in their final placements. They’ve both had their moments but have lacked the nous and consistency to do much damage to other sides.

Hopefully a lack hurrah for Chris Gayle although in my view he’s been a burden to the Windies rather than a help. In a game where quick singles can win matches, he’s too slow to offer that anymore. Smashing a few 4s and 6s off four overs in the IPL is ok, it offers little of help in the ODI game nowadays.
After England's win yesterday the rest of the group games are pretty irrelevant.
India and Australia should both win to confirm who plays England/ NZ.
I would like to see Afghanistan win. They have deserved something and gave India a real fright.
Windies batting first ...10 overs in ... Gayle has gone (cheaply- for 7 , in the 6th over)...43-1
15 overs in ....73-1 ... Hope just smashed a six,Windies 3rd of the innings so far, was it a costly drop when he was put down on 5?
Lewis got his 50 off 62 balls, will he kick on and get a big score?.... 20 overs bowled 86-1
Afghanistan get a wicket, Lewis gone for 57, after surviving a review in the previous over.... Windies notch up and pass 100... halfway stage of bowling, 25 overs gone 109-2
WI aren't exactly motoring along, are they? Come on Afghanistan - I'd love to see them get a win...
Hope reaches his 50 ....Hetmyer smashed a few boundaries and was looking good , until he mayve been stumped?... not out ... 147-2 .... 20 overs left to bowl in this innings
Hetmyer caught , going for a big hit, for 39 .... Poonan next in ...Windies 178-3 .... 15 overs left
He really ought to retire, or perhaps restrict himself to Twenty20 IPL type stuff, where he can just slog for a few overs.
He can just do one. He's just taking the piss and he's a bad influence on our kids (not as bad as the selectors or the administrators, tho).
Hope goes for a maximum and caught in the 38th over for 77.... with 10 overs remaining, Windies reach 200... Pooran dropped on 12 last ball of the 40th.... 209-4 .... 9 overs left
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