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CWC 19: Sri Lanka V West Indies

Gayle gone for 35.... chase is looking harder for Windies.... 72-3
ridiculous attempt a running ...Hetmyer ran (himself) out ... gone for 29 ... 84-4 after 18 overs
126-4 after 25 overs ... more than 8 an over needed , still time, but unlikely Windies will get anywhere close to chasing this match down
Holder gone for 26 .... 145-5 .... if it wasnt before, this match is certainly seeming to be starting to slip away from Windies .... 21 overs left now, 187 needed
Windies not given up on this .... 199-6 though ... Braithwaite very unlucky, what a bizarre way to be run out, tipped by the bowlers finger as the ball was passing onto the stumps with Braithwaite out of the crease o_O

200-6 ...15 overs left ... 139 to chase .... real shame for Windies as Pooran and Braithwaite were really having a proper go
Malinga back bowling .... pooran really the last of any hope Windies have .... stranger things have happened, unlikely though it may be, you never know....
required run rate around 9.5 per over ... 7 off Malinga's first over back on bowling .... Windies aiming , if they lose, to go down fighting
114 needed off 72 balls (12 overs) :oops: .... Windies fighting all the way... 12 runs from that last Malinga over !
what a battling batting rear guard attack the Windies are producing ...95 required off 10 overs
Bilmey! another over & Windies score 11 off it ! .... target now 84 from 9 overs ..
Exciting stuff this .... 7 overs left ...68 needed
Allen run out first ball of the 6th over ... hell of an innings from him ... 51 runs
Pooran gets his 100...on 101 now, his maiden odi 100?
30 balls left ...Windies need 47

neither side can quailify for the semi finals, yet this is one of , if not the most excited match in this World cup
40 now the target from 24 deliveries.... Cotterell on strike for the start on this over
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