20/20 cricket last night


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7 Dec 2017
Did anyone watch the cricket last night, did Curran hit a 4 to get England over the line?
Yes I watched it. We needed 1 run and Curran did indeed hit one that dribbled into the boundary triangles but I think they had already run the one they needed by the time it got there, so I think officially it was just a single (although that doesn't seem right, I am sure that's what happened).
As soon as the run needed was completed, the game is over, so the ball rolling to the boundary becomes irrelevant. If they hadn't run the single then the 4 runs would have counted.

That's my understanding anyway...
Rachid and Jordan were excellent.
In the shorter form.of cricket Rachid has come on leaps and bounds and doesn't seem to bowl many poor balls.
Curran seems to have the ability to make something happen
In the first could of overs in our innings the Windies were awful. We got off to be real flier and rarely looked back.
Some truly rank bowling and fielding from the Windies. Almost comically bad. A good win for England though
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