Chairman repossessions at the training ground?


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6 Dec 2017
'lost' in yesterdays 'events' somewhat perhaps, is there any substance to rumours that the grass cutting/maintaining machines at the training ground have been repossessed.... due to late/ non payment of (yet more) bills by OUFC finance dept ?

does anyone know the facts on the story that arose on this subject?
touched on/ mentioned in the matchday thread? came up a couple of times yesterday ...I think.... not cetain if it was the matchday thread, or another thread?
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When I first saw the posts about the revenue I thought nah can't be right. How wrong was I, so repossession of the lawnmowers would surprise me not one bit now. Getting very difficult to feel love for this club at the moment.
Think it was Victor who was personally affected or at least that’s how it read
Here it is:-

I can't be bothered to comment on today's game - if we paid money for Hanson then whoever was responsible needs shooting - no, the news that my group discovered today is that our practice ground is about to have its grass-cutting equipment repossessed. Er, I thought our absentee Chairman had "sorted" the money situation? This club of ours is completely toxic at the moment & a real fans revolt is needed PDQ . What the hell is really going on?
Scotchegg - I really do admire your rose tinted view of things; one of the previous posts classified you as .."fiddling while Rome burns" - very good
Has anyone asked the groundsman who is on Twitter for his thoughts?
Is this from the same hot bed of facts that brought us, the water has been cut off, the showers are cold and the caretaker can't get in? All of which came to nothing!!

You may post in sarcasm but the last one is a bit closer to home.

It wasn’t only the Ultras who couldn’t enter the stadium until 12pm on Saturday, but Peterborough’s kitman couldn’t either. Reported on RadOx by Nathan Cooper.

Whilst it may seem trivial, our stadium situation is becoming an external embarrassment to the club.
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