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May or Robbo? The poll of polls

Who will stay in their job longer?

  • Karl Robinson

  • Theresa May

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Gary Baldi

Well-known member
6 Dec 2017
To bring some levity to proceedings, it's a simple question with a meaningless answer.
A simple question no doubt, but how can I be sure I'll get what I'm voting for?
You can't. But no doubt it will give the Oxford Mail something to fill their rag with if enough people vote
Oh heck, am I voting for who leaves or who will remain?
I've asked a few people here in the pub about it, but they've not been much help - the scruffy yokel at the end of the bar keeps shouting leave and offering me all kinds of promises but then hides when I go to ask him a question, the guy with the tidy white beard refuses to say anything except contridict what anyone else says, the Rick Moranis lookalike doesnt say much either except to rip the p#ss out of silent beardy, the landlady tries to explain why it is leave but is incrsasingly worried why all her barstaff keep walking out, and barman John just keeps telling me to "Order, Order" so who knows what is going on?
The question should be
What will happen first, brexit or Robbo getting the sack.
I think it would have to be Karl Robinson as very occasionally his team wins or draws whereas the Maybot and her team always tend to lose.
So long as when Robbo goes we don’t get locked into a customs union and have to keep paying out millions
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