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Manager/Coach KR Telegraph Interview


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15 Dec 2017
I've just read a really interesting article in the Telegraph online about KR. I know that being a manager of any side is always a Marmite situation, (you won't please everybody all of the time etc) but I found this article ,and others recently, to be a good opportunity to understand some of the principles and thought processes behind our manager.
Yes this season has been frustrating and excellent in equal measures but I for one would rather have somebody who on face value cares about our football club and the current squad.
I realise I will probably be shouted down , but its never a dull moment supporting our club.
Having read that I do wonder if the cat got let out of the bag re the stadium.

Possibly. It might also be that a national journalist wasn’t over the detail and passing nm reference to stadium ownership was construed as owning the Kassam.

Either-way, if I were working in the OUFC press office I’d probably be having a quite word with the journalist to ask if they might just amend the online copy to be slightly more vague!
good read that but says we finished 10th last season - wasn’t it 12th?
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