FA Youth Cup 3rd Round


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6 Dec 2017
Just realised that I am going to be in Burnley on the day of the U-18s cup match (11 Dec) so I have arranged to stay over and watch the game. According to the Burnley website it's a 7pm kick-off and entry is £2 (£4 for whipper-snappers). Might find myself as a crowd of 1 but definitely looking forward to it!
You'll enjoy it - and (given the chance) play quite a sophisticated style of football, so there's very hope of a decent game
Just picked up my ticket. They are expecting to sell 'about 300'. They seem to be taking this game pretty seriously, even going to cover it on their main twitter feed. And they are very confident they are going to win.
Complacency setting in? Come on you young oxen
Despite the early set back, it would seem we are dominating possession and playing some great stuff. The better team by all accounts on the radio commentary.
Credit to the radio coverage which is decent but the main commentator does talk in a staccato and dramatic way.
Great win. Well done Oxford.

There seem to be so many good young players from the Youth team to U23's to Baptiste/ Whyte in the first team.
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