Manager/Coach Who should be our new manager?

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Is this who we would like or who we would think it will probably be?
A couple of names spring to my mind:

Karl Robinson - heard rumours he's boot happy at Charlton

Mark Robbins

Also surprised Gary Monk hasn't been mentioned more..
Mike Flynn - done a marvellous job at Newport County.
Kept them up last season, reshaped the squad,just outside the play-offs now
beat Leeds in the FA Cup. All on a shoestring budget.
Surely everyone going to vote Appy even though there's zero chance he would come. May as well stick Guardiola in there too.
I only put Mapp because I don't rate the rest. I think it will be someone not on that list.
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Garry Monk would be a way more ironic appointment than Craig Shakespeare considering Monks friendship with Clotet (txt daily apparently) imagine the txts:
PC: just got the sack mate :(
GM: sorry to hear that
PC: the chairman said they found someone who "won't be a muppet and go 451 against the worst form team in the league, someone who is better than me apparently....anyway how are you doing? Up to anything new?
GM: ah.....about that....
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