Should we have stuck with Faz?

Shaun Rice

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Genuine question. Don’t get me wrong I think given a budget and time Robinson will be a great manager for us. He cannot be judged on this team because, as we all know, it’s broken and needs to be rebuilt in almost every department.
However I saw a steady improvement when Faz was in charge, which resulted in a win in his last game.
I think he knows the players and they know him. The couple of things that really stood out were the shape of the team and how much second ball we picked up. Under Faz the team Seemed to have better shape. Like he had players in their best position even if they’re, on paper, not the best. We looked well organised and were set up to win the second ball. It was like he knew our strikers couldn’t win the ball so we’ll pick up the second ball from the defensive headers / clearances.
As we are now we look so narrow! Our flanks are exposed as we have no width in our team. Teams are just exploiting that and it’s just a matter of time before one of their attacks results in a goal. He also seems to be learning what Faz already worked out.
Also I’m not sure his frank (but honest and to be fair, fair) comments about us are good for morale at this point in time. I worried most of the players know they’re out at the end of the season either by transfer because they’re not good enough or due to end of contract do they really want to play for him, for us?


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It's an idea, I suppose - but I think exactly the opposite. We stuck with Faz for too long! Yes, we won his last match (if you don't count Portsmouth, for which KR had precious little time to prepare), but I don't think we actually saw much (if any) improvement over his time. The results don't lie.

The truth of the matter is that Clotet (with Eales' approval) signed up some absolute duffers, and some of the better players already in place (Hall, Nelson, Ribeiro) unluckily ended up with injuries that meant we have seen little of them recently. Faz couldn't really do much with them, and I suspect Robinson is finding it equally 'challenging'. However, IMO some of the play under Robinson has been better - although the results haven't been much! On that basis, we are at least as likely to avoid the trapdoor with KR in charge and it does give him the opportunity to take an extended look at the players before what is going to be a very busy summer. Doesn't make me less nervous though!
Both faz and Allen should be shown the door. They have laid the basis for the mess we are in, going from 10th, to when KR took over. They failed alongside clothead, and failed under their own tenure. KR would be able to do a far more successful job working with people he has worked with before.

Jack Midson

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I think we should've stuck with him for a couple more games so that I won my bet on him being the next manager. I would've donated the winnings to the club to be spent on tying Rothwell, Nelson and Ledson down to new contracts.
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