Season tickets?


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6 Dec 2017
Have I missed an announcement? Paid up but as yet nothing, other than a receipt, received. It was all a bit last minute last season, thought that might have got better this time. I know they get very busy in the ticket office, and short staffed, so I hope they have all in hand.
Got mine with a letter dated 12th July 2018. I would suggest you contact the club with your receipt details.
Probably takes a bit longer with lounges. Barcoding the coffee and biscuits allowance etc ?
Is that part of Licence requirements for the Stadium? Poor Rosie.

Licence requirements? Good heavens no, it comes under security. Very strict on the accounting side of things. Deficits can lead to unrest and violent protest. Public disorder and that sort of thing.
I'd give Adam or Rosie a call. Lounge season tickets all sent out plus 1893 logos
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