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Promoting the Club


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8 Dec 2017
I know this has been raised before with MK Dons advertising in Thame, but on my way into Oxford this morning I noticed that Oxford City Stars have started advertising on the little screens on the top deck of Oxford Bus Company buses. It looks good, there's videos of Stars playing, fixture dates and promotes the idea of joining a 'community' in Oxford.

To me, this just seems like another missed trick from the club. While the Oxford Mail do have the match features at the back of the newspaper and headlines when it suits them, something visually more appealing like Stars have done is in my mind a much better way of attracting younger fans. The amount of kids that get the bus to school in the mornings around Oxford or into town at weekends makes them an ideal target audience to see local football and draw them away from the premiership teams that the majority of them will never go to watch. Realistically, they will be the future club fan base. A fairly simple advertising campaign like this, or promoting people to visit the city centre shop (with a push to sell tickets) is a much better way of drawing in all ages, not just the 6,000 or so that go every Saturday (or Tuesday). Why is it not being done?
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They had a club shop at the Covered Market advertised. Not sure if they still do.
Glad you've seen them, its a great partnership we have with Oxford Bus Co - We're looking to expand our marketing across Oxford AND tie up even closer links with OUFC, including...a nice little offer for the visit of a certain Wiltshire based team in a few weeks....
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