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Conference Oxford City

Only possible answer is people were thinner back then, remember we managed to fit 22,750 into The Manor... (I'm sure a few on here were in that crowd as well)
Wasn't that with temporary terracing behind the Beech Road?
Wasn't that with temporary terracing behind the Beech Road?
Yeah it sort of extended the Beech Road shelf. I've a pic of it somewhere...

...taken from the back of the Howland book...


...you can see it went quite a way back. God knows what you could see from there however.
View wasnt that bad as I remember
It looks from the photo that half the pitch would have been obscured by the Beech Road roof 🤣 I guess it's just a trick of the perspective.
How steady was it? Looks a bit scary up there...
it was a very long time ago (60 years)- as an anklebiter (6/7 years old), the view standing on the scaffolding plank terracing wasn't that good, me dad hoisted me up on his shoulders a few times during both those historic Fa Cup games. better view then.

It was surprisingly solid and steady on the temporary , scaffolding based extra terracing.I don't remember any feelings of it being unstable, not even when the 3 goals went in v Blackburn , nor the 1 V PNE , nor for that matter at the final whistle V Blackburn.
Manager Ross Jenkins has left, I imagine he’s going to a better job?

Boreham Wood:
After coming bottom? I suppose City look like they have hit the limit they can go to though so a move to a bigger national south/north club would appeal?
Be interesting if Andy Ballard goes with him. Best mates with Des so I have always thought there might be a job for him at OUFC.
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