Manager/Coach If many feel so strongly ,what would you do to let the board know enough is enough?

How should we now show the board and kr our feelings?

  • Arranged pitch protest

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Far more vocal during games, with clear message?

    Votes: 36 54.5%
  • A late arrival into the game/early walk out

    Votes: 16 24.2%
  • No chanting agreement

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Petition

    Votes: 5 7.6%
  • Do nothing?

    Votes: 7 10.6%

  • Total voters
@OUSP Secretary

The Saturday lunchtime before the Derby game would be ideal. Or the Cheltenham one. Both games in March.

No reason why he can’t be held in the conference centre / bar at the ground.

Will see a big turnout then instead of the last one
A very big turnout of black suited security guards all waiting for one of us to make so much as a twitch in the direction of the OUFC representatives.
Right now, I don't see there being the remotest chance of an open Fans Forum.

We, as fans - sorry, customers - don't even merit a communique from the club regarding the situation with Robinson. It's disgraceful and cowardly.
As I said, the board hold all the cards regarding our future so it’s one thing turning against the manager but turning against the board could lead us into dangerous territory. They are the ones putting the money in to cover losses year on year and without them then we may not have a new stadium. If that falls through then we are in a very very dark place as a club who don’t have a ground to play in come 2026.
The change of manager will come but it will be on them when they pull the trigger.
I’m becoming increasingly concerned about a board which seems to be treating our club as a minor subsidiary of their global reach. They give every appearance of not giving a toss. Yes, they’re funding the club’s losses but it’s loose change to them. Who at the club is talking to them? Colin B,McWilliams? We’ve heard nothing from either of them in recent weeks. Where’s the passion from Bakri et al ? What’s Tim Williams remit? To keep steering the sinking ship and to make sure he’s got a serviceable life raft when it goes down?
As Shakespeare puts it in Hamlet: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”
Tennis balls onto the pitch followed by a banner unveiling. Sacked the same evening. Wish I still had time to organise these things!
The situation we’re in has the smell of the Glaziers to me. Something TM possibly has first hand knowledge of from his time at Man Utd.
You think the owners are moving capital from OUFC overseas to support their other ventures?
I will attend as I support my team through thick and thin.

Chucking it when things are not going well shows a lack of passion!
You think the owners are moving capital from OUFC overseas to support their other ventures?

Nah. Primarily because there ent nun.

These Indonesian lads are minted; not like Maxwell, nor like Murdoch, like sheiks or oligarchs. If they pocket $100m for the club at some future date it'll be like a normal person winning £300 on the horses (once it's split 3 ways). Think of it like that.
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It's a shame the youth team's FA Cup game is away at Man City. A good thing to have done would've Bern to boycott the 1st team home game before it then have 5000 at the youth team game as a show that we support our club but not KR.

Perhaps we should do that with a Woman's team match?
You think the owners are moving capital from OUFC overseas to support their other ventures?
No, obviously. OUFC doesn’t have any money.I was referring more to the fact that the Glaziers are indifferent to the club and
It’s fan base and regard the club as an asset to be milked.

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