Away Match Day Thread +++ 3/2/2018 Charlton Athletic v OUFC +++


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7 Dec 2017
Never started one of these before, but this will be one of the few games this season I can actually attend so am absolutely buzzing for it!

Got a strangely good feeling about this. They've won three in a row in the league and no-one on this forum needs telling that we've done pretty badly recently, but I can see us nipping a 2-1 win - Ledson with a last gasp winner in front of a jubilant away end before doing his best Wolf of Wall Street impression and screaming I'M NOT f*****g LEAVING!
Very excited for this, large away following and a day out in London - what's not to love? Hope the majority of the new faces get a chance, they can't do any worse than the regulars and their lacklustre performances over the last month and a half.

Not a clue what the score will be, just want to see some passion.
I admire the optimism, and it's just the sort of game we can do well at (especially buoyed by a big crowd and with some impetus from the new signings). That said, I don't think we'll get much's just a case of what people want. A 0-0 ground out uninspiringly, or a young team going for it and being caught out and losing 2-1?

Whatever happens, show us something, anything positive!
I’m going for my first away game since our promotion season. We only lost 4 times away from home that season including Wembley and they were the only 4 away games I went to [emoji85]
Hmm it seems we are Charltons "Bogey team" like Walsall are our "Bogey team" i have optimism that tomorrow will be a good day.
Line up for tomorrow
ASB Mousinho Dickie Ricardinho
Mowatt Ruffels Ledson
Napa Thomas IBR

2-1 scrappy win Ruffels IBR scorers
1450 away fans

Brannagan has atleast 7 days until debut. He'll probably make it with Todd Kane against the Gas.
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First away day since Peterborough for me, first visit to the Valley for 20+ years and hopefully the first chance to see what the fresh talent we've brought in can do together. Would really like to see most if not all of our new signings get some game time tomorrow. Had written off the points on this one but suddenly feeling some dangerous optimism. Overall though, as @Berliner said, show us something, anything and I'll be happy.
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Will be making the trip to London for this one, so hopefully an Oxford win 2-1 or maybe a 2-2 draw.
Feeling positive? 3-1 to the U's, Obika, IBR and Faz to score as he subs himself on late on in the game.
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Sadly, 2-0 loss. For no other reason than after the transfer window I'm feeling more positive, so the other foot will fall.
Score draw, most likely 1-1.

Obika comes off the bench to score late on.

Quite difficult to predict the lineup, most telling perhaps will be who doesn’t start and who isn’t even in the matchday squad.
Seems a few players are just coming back from injury this week - Hall, Rothwell etc. Much as I'd like to see them play tomorrow, I reckon we should give them another week of training. No sense rushing them back.
2.1 win for the u's in that there London village
I will be very disappointed if Brannagan does not play or if there is no ESB in the Barrow Boy and Banker.
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