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Away Match Day Thread +++ 5/5/2018 Blackburn Rovers v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

Well, those silly northerners fucked their celebrations right up with that poorly timed pitch invasion.
Beautifully lambasted by our incredible supporters with ‘your an embarrassment’. Perfect!!
We sung so very, very loud today.
In a ground full of peculiarly quiet Blackburn fans.
The boys on the pitch are much better motivated and organised. They just want it, and are working flat out, so you can’t really ask for more than that.
That said, I am afraid that Obika, despite some good work, is just not going to cut it and needs replacing.
But we have the structure here of a really good team.
KR has done a fantastic job.
Lets just hope he can deliver more quality to a talented team and give our magnificent supporters a season of celebration next year.
I hope KR gets the budget backing promised by Tiger. It will be interesting.
And the stewards pitch side were totally useless just stood looking at lower tier and the fans that had stayed in their seats not the cretins that invaded the pitch even the 2 knobs where ran on with flares.

Oh and move over Briggsy it’s Robbo’s gonna get you.
Northerners have got a reputation for flares ...... have had for years.... 'traditional' Northern dancers from the 1970s, in flares:)
Yesterday is a really good example for our young player in the squad to see what standards they need to have to get on in the game. Napa has a key pre-season. If he can get it right, the lad will go far. The off season where COD went from a scrawny kid to a man is a good recent example of a young player taking his career seriously.
Wish I'd been able to go on Saturday. Sounds like it was a very useful exercise in planning our promotion celebration for 2019 ?
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