League One 06/02/24 - Tonight in League 1

My flabber is gasted, the cheat blaming the Ref and they made millions of chances whilst ignoring the Reading ones. The comment about not saying too much about the Ref then goes on to slam him is classic cheat's interview.

Also, loving him complaining about an opposition manager saying something considering the stuff he has pulled many times in the past.

Tbf, Reading clearly are about scrapping and stopping the opposition but again the Cheat can hardly complain about that considering what his team's do.
I watched the game, which was played in conditions more suited to porpoises than people. His analysis of it is entirely inaccurate. They were garbage and Reading were fairly similar, but they looked a tiny bit more dangerous on the odd occasion.

His pre and most match media are templates where only the players, opposition, and results change.
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