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WWC France v Norway

Decent game ...attacking football from both teams.... no real killer finishing to any of the many chances

Ht 0-0
The defender clearly won the ball. French player caught by the follow through, and made a complete meal of it.
Noŕway well and truly robbed by VAR to ease the hosts through to the second stages with a game to spare....shame, as it was a decent game up until VAR awarded a really farcical , ridiculous penalty to france

Wonder who has already been decided as WWC winners?
Apparently it was the referee who after watching multi VAR replays who took the unreal decision to award a seriously controversial pen. Seems french players can go two footed into a 50/50 challenge and despite the norwegian winning the ball still has a pen awarded against her for the unavoidable follow through....yet a two footed (both feet off the ground) challenge goes unpunished?
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